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Wind Sextet


‘Mladi’- meaning ‘Youth’- was written in the fertile last decade of Janacek’s long life, and opens with the theme ‘Mládí, zlaté mládí!’ (‘Youth, golden youth!’) His hugely talented student, Pavel Haas, in cruel contrast, had his life cut brutally short during World War Two, a victim of the Holocaust.  His huge promise and individual voice shine through in his wind quintet. Britten’s teenage Sextet movement, scored for the same combination as the Janacek, and Knussen’s early Three Little Fantasies complete the lineup of youthful and youth inspired works. 

Britten – Movement for Wind Sextet 7”

Knussen – Three Little Fantasies 7”

Haas – Wind Quintet 15”


Haydn – Music for a Mechanical Clock – 12”

Janacek – M’ladi 20”